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Frequently Asked Questions


How are shipments made to the children's literacy causes? How often?

For economy of scale, shipments are usually made when a standard GMA-pallet are full of books. Shipments are made to designated areas around the country as determined by the needs of the causes.


What causes are supported?

We are licensed to support the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation's Literacy Program. We have also sent books to children of families actively serving in our armed forces (via USO) and Reading is Fundamental's coordinators around the country. In addition, we donate equivalent values of school supplies to UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund).

Through our Contribute Goodness Fund, 20% of our profit benefits children's, wilderness preservation, and animal protection organizations.


Are there any differences between the donated books and the retail books for sale?

Currently, there are no difference between the two version; however, in the near future (the next printing cycle), the donated books will not have dust jackets on them since the marketing purpose of the dust jacket is unneccessary. Additional, there will will be a "NOT FOR SALE" insciption on the front and back cover of the donated books.


Does author, E. S. Narinson, go on book tour?



Where are your books sold?

Our books are sold exclusively on and our own website. Clicking on the Buy from Amazon button takes you directly to our products on If is out of stock, you may buy it easily and securely using Amazon Payments from our website.

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