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TCGCo Overview

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We are a small company with big dreams and ideas to better our world. With a name like The Contribute Goodness Company™ (TCGCo), we have to rethink capitalism and our way of doing business. We start with a book...


By taking advantage of technological innovations and capitalizing on market inefficiencies and imbalances, we are able to produce high quality products at competitive prices with ample profit margins.

After paying for all our operating expenses, we discover that profit alone is an empty number. We believe that when we look beyond profit, we see our community and our world in need. For this reason, we formed The Contribute Goodness Company™ to demonstrate that compassionate capitalism is a viable business model. We can make money and be a socially responsible and giving company.

Happy employees are the most productive workers in the world. On that note, it's always three-day weekends or better at The Contribute Goodness Company™, with full-time salary and benefits. Who can really relax in two days anyway? We also think this is good for the economy since we have more time to go shopping and spend time with family and friends.

Likewise, we believe that two weeks is not enough time out of the year to enjoy life or our awesome world. For this reason, our employees receive four weeks of personal vacation time.

We ask that our employees enjoy time with their families and friends during their days off, but give equal or better productive as a five-day employee when working. We also encourage them to volunteer in the community whenever possible. We believe, that if given the time, good people will gladly contribute goodness to the community.

What's better than happy workers? It's healthy, happy workers. We encourage physical activities outside the office and gym membership are fully paid for. Free golf lessons are taught monthly by our CEO.

We are able to do this because of efficiency and cost savings created by technology, and mainly because of happy, focused and highly productive employees.


We buy recycled products when possible and recycle as much of our waste as possible.


Our products are manufactured domestically and internationally with suppliers that practice corporate and social responsibility to the environment, to consumer safety, and to their employees.


The Contribute Goodness Company™ is a subsidary of AGENmedia LLC, an independent book publishing, film and television productions, toys and games, and clothing and accessories company. We are a small, closely held private company based in Los Angeles, California. Our goal is to publish highly commercial books with broad audience appeal and multiple derivative potential. Beginning in 2010, we will offer additional titles with derivative products.


With our Get one. Give too.™ Promotion, when you buy a book from us, one book will be donated to a child literacy cause. We currently donate books to Toys for Tots Literacy Program and children of families actively serving in our armed forces. In addition, we donate equivalent values of school supplies to UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund).

Additionally, through our Contribute Goodness Fund™, we donate 20% of our operating income to various children's, wilderness preservation, and animal protection organizations.

We also encourage our associates to volunteer in the community and participate in civil, social discourse whenever possible. We believe that informed, proactive citizens makes for a strong democracy.