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About AGENmedia LLC

The Contribute Goodness Company™ is a subsidiary of AGENmedia LLC, an independent book publishing, film and television productions, toys and games, and clothing and accessories company. Our goal is to publish highly commercial books with broad audience appeal and multiple derivative potential.

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In addition, AGENmedia LLC also provides free website design and hosting services to various social projects and non-profit organizations created and founded by E. S. Narinson:

  • BirthdayForward promotes giving to those less fortunate on your birthday.
  • Chief Optimism Officer spreads the good news, positively speaking!
  • Gang to Golf teaches and promotes the game of golf and its values to at-risk teenage gang members in an effort to curtail gang violence. These values will benefit their personal lives and careers.
  • focuses grassroot efforts into a singular, unstoppable force to better our world.
  • Minefields into Fairways reclaim devastated and abandon minefields and safely convert them into beautiful golf fairways on golf courses. It also provides jobs for the local area served.